4 Hour Challenge: Purple Portal

Here’s a quick stylized exercise to start off my week.   Since this is a bit far from my normal effects tasks, I had a few goals in mind:

• Complete an asset in Unreal 4, starting everything from scratch
• Make some sort of fantasy/stylized effect
• Explore vibrant colors
• Keep it reasonably optimized (dynamic lights don’t fit this) and useable in a game scenario
• Build it in less than 4 hours.

After almost the full 4 hours, I realized that my portal was shaping up to be a very “one-beat” type of effect:  always on, always the same ambient feel and impact. I was debating adding multiple beats into the ambient cycle, but instead chose to just make a quick interact effect that would play when someone interacts with (i.e. walks into) the portal.

The final product doesn’t actually have any fancy materials – a simple scrolling distortion shader is used on the smoke, and everything else is plain ol’ boring emissive.  The shape and silhouette of this effect is still highly detailed, meaning it’s probably only useful for a detailed, close up game (3rd/1st person shooter?)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!